Hi, my name is Lizette I grew up in three different countries including the U.S, Canada and Mexico. I love to experience and learn about new cultures especially the way animals are treated throughout different parts of the world. I have always loved animals and I’ve always dreamed about being a veterinarian. Currently I am [...]


My name is Diane Yoon and I'm a fourth year vet student at Seoul National University in South Korea. Studying in Korea was a very special experience, but I'm originally from San Jose and I plan to come back after graduation. During the two weeks I spent at UNI Pet Clinic, I felt welcomed and [...]


Hi! I am Annie and I am currently a sophomore at University of Miami, where I am double majoring in marine science and biology. I hope to attend veterinary school in the future and work with mainly marine animals. I am involved in research with zebrafish, modeling human behavioral disorders and studying how the genes [...]


Hey there! My name is Shannon and I am currently in my 4th year of veterinary school at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. I am planning to pursue a career in small animal general practice upon graduation and will be moving to Union City this summer. The staff -doctors and technicians- at UNI Pet Clinic [...]

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