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Wellness and Vaccines

Here at UNI Pet Clinic, we offer affordable vaccines and physical exams performed by caring and knowledgeable veterinarians and technicians. We recommend every 6 month (biannual) office visits for vaccine updates, flea/tick/heartworm preventatives, heartworm testing and fecal testing for all of our patients. Our rabies vaccines are mercury free, which lessens the likelihood of vaccine reactions, and yet are still competitively affordable. Read More

Puppy and Kitten Care Plans

Here at UNI Pet Clinic, we offer unique and affordable Puppy and Kitten Care Plans. There are no monthly recurring payments, just a one time fee will get you all core vaccines, fecal testing for gastrointestinal parasites, and deworming for your pets. We offer different Puppy and Kitten Care Plans (Basic/Premium) so that we can tailor the best preventative care for your newly added family member. Read More

Senior Care

As veterinary medicine enhances, many pets are living longer than before. Here at UNI Pet Clinic, we understand that our senior pets require more patience and gentle care. Senior comprehensive profile lab testing, senior nutrition consultation, senior pet arthritis aid, ongoing back disc disease support, and many more services geared toward our senior pet patients are available. Read More


Our in house pharmacy is conveniently ready for your pet’s medication pick-ups on the same day of your visit. We also offer an online pharmacy for ongoing refills, food delivery, supplements, flea/tick/heartworm preventatives, and many more. Please visit our online pharmacy today and get the best deal with free delivery. You can even order a single dose and mark on a monthly autoship single dose delivery program with no additional cost.

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Annual pet dental prophylaxis (deep cleaning under anesthesia) is offered at all UNI Pet Clinic locations and is very popular among our clients due to the high quality procedures offered at an affordable rate. Worn out or cracked teeth without serious pulp involvement can be repaired with advanced bonded sealant/composite restoration techniques. High quality digital dental x-rays are routinely utilized for an accurate diagnosis. We also work closely with a local veterinary dentist when your pet needs more serious care, such as a root canal/crowning. Read More

Behavior Counseling

All veterinarians and staff are well educated to answer your common nutrition and behavior related questions. Anxiety/noise aversion/separation anxiety issue/aggression/domination/house soiling/barking excessively are commonly faced problems in our canine and feline patients. The UNI Pet Clinic team members are also pet parents and are happy to assist and share our experiences with our clients. We offer various behavior modification medication tailored to the individual pet, along with training programs and referrals to our local behavior specialist as needed.

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Nutrition Counseling

Based on each patient’s needs, we carry various kinds of therapeutic/prescription diets for immediate pick up at the clinic and also through our trusted online pet pharmacy. Autoship is always available with the best discount ever and conveniently delivers the food directly to your home.

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Travel Certificate

Here at UNI Pet Clinic, we are very proud of our culture and the diversity of our staff. Many multilingual and talented team members are available to assist you when you need international travel guidence for your pets. Korea/Japan/Mexico/South America/Hawaii/Europe any destination you are heading with your pet, check with us on how we can help you prepare for your trip with your loved ones. Rabies titer testing, microchipping, USDA endorsement, health certificate forms, and updated vaccines are required in many countries. You can find the most up-to-date information by visiting this website. (https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel)

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Euthanasia and Cremation

When you want to stop your pet from suffering due to a chronic condition or serious illness, we understand how sad and stressful this situation can be. UNI Pet Clinic is here to help you in the final stage of companionship with your loved pets. In house comforting and caring euthanasia services are available including private cremation with ashes returned in a beatiful urn.

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