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Cardiology & Echocardiogram

If your pet has heart issues or chronic coughing, our doctors will screen for heartworm disease and auscultate the heart carefully. Chest x-rays and electrocardiograms (EKG) are routinely performed here at UNI Pet Clinic. By teaming up with board certified cardiologists, your pet’s ongoing or newly found heart condition will be well managed. An oxygen kennel is ready for our patients in respiratory distress. In house echocardiogram (cardiac ultrasound) is offered with a board certified cardiologist at an affordable price.

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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a medical specialty designated to preventing, diagnosing, and treating internal diseases. Diabetes, Hypoadrenocorticim (Addison’s disease), Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s disease), Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, liver disease, and many other conditions can be diagnosed and treated by our caring team. We always seek out the most updated, innovative and affordable care for our patients. One good example is we utilize a real time continuous glucose monitoring system ( in our diabetic patients to determine the perfect insulin dose for the individual pet.

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Upper gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopic services are available for dogs and cats. Endoscopy is an extremely useful instrument to retrieve many gastric foreign bodies or diagnosing various GI diseases (inflammatory bowel disease, lymphosarcoma, protein losing enteropathy, etc). UNI Pet Clinic has convenient and affordable endoscopy service for our patients.

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Ocular disease can be extremely painful for your pets. If your pet’s eyes are red, watery, cloudy, or your pet is squinting, please bring them to our team. We will carefully look at your pet’s eyes to find out the cause of the issue and come up with a treatment plan tailored to your pet. Schirmer tear testing, in house tonometry, fluorescent stain testing, and ophthalmoscope exams are routinely performed, with various eye medications always in stock. We will team up with a local veterinary ophthalmologist if your pet needs advanced eye care such as cataract surgery.

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One of the most common conditions we see for our patients is skin and ear disease. We approach ongoing skin/ear diseases by offering supportive care as well as determining the underlying cause, whether it is due to the environment, food, ectoparasites (fleas, ticks, mites), cancer, bacterial/fungal infection or metabolic disorders. We offer both oral and topical options for flea and tick prevention as well as oral and injectable “anti-itch” medications such as Apoquel and Cytopoint. Affordable serum allergen testing is recommended for certain patients. Common dermatological diseases are treated well at UNI Pet Clinic, such as ear hematoma repair due to chronic ear irritation, frustrating and stubborn skin infection, and chronic allergy issues.

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Similarly to humans, our pets can also get cancer. Cytology, biopsy, early surgical procedures, and medication trials are all available routinely through UNI Pet Clinic. Cancer staging and metastatic check- ups (checking if the cancer has spread to any other area of the body prior to surgical approach) are also performed by our caring team when your pets are diagnosed with cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are not available at the clinic, but we will refer your pets to a trusted local veterinary oncologist if needed. Palliative care is available if the decision is made to not go forward with further cancer treatment for your pets.

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Cryosurgery is a great alternative to scalpel removal under extensive general anesthesia for removing unwanted lumps and bumps on pets. The procedure is non-invasive, thus minimizing pain, bleeding and complications commonly associated with scalpel removal plus the procedure takes less than 5 minutes on average. Please consult with the UNI team if your pet has irritating skin or eyelid masses and you would like to avoid your pets going through general anesthesia for various reasons.

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