I am so happy and grateful now that I spent three weeks of the externship in the UNI Pet Clinic with those of great passion and character. Special thanks to Dr. Kang, he was the one responding with a short but kind email saying “If I can help, I will be glad. Come over. Let me know when you have a detailed plan.” Even in the middle of this chaotic pandemic, all veterinarians and staff have been devoting themselves to the customers and patients. After graduation with DVM, Feb 2015, I have worked in Choonghyun Animal Hospital located in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. Completing my 1 year small animal internship, I continued my work as an associate veterinarian. Currently, I am at the final step of ECFVG Certificate program (Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates) which is also called CPE (Clinical Proficiency Examination). It was an indispensable time to gain new experience and prepare for the CPE. While working within the team shoulder to shoulder, I was more than thankful for patient, engaging mentorship and cheerful friendship from veterinarians and staff. There is a way of translating one’s dedication and integrity into veterinary service. It was there. I am happy to be part of it.