Hi! I am Annie and I am currently a sophomore at University of Miami, where I am double majoring in marine science and biology. I hope to attend veterinary school in the future and work with mainly marine animals. I am involved in research with zebrafish, modeling human behavioral disorders and studying how the genes affect their behavior. I am also involved in clubs such as the marine mammal rescue team, where I am trained to respond to strandings. In my free time, I love to hang out with my dog, Whiskey, and go scuba diving. My time at UNI Pet Clinic was very valuable. I came in without any previous experience in a veterinary setting and everyone at the clinic was very patient and helpful. They answered all my questions and went above and beyond in taking their time to explain everything they were doing. I learned a lot of new skills, which I am sure will help me throughout my future. My experiences here helped me to be sure that I want to go into the veterinary field.