Missy has always had a strong passion for animals. Starting as a young child in 4-H she’s had a little of everything ranging from farms animals, exotics, birds, and of course cats and dogs. Missy’s animal career started with a focus on nutrition, working in a pet store while attending school for animal nutrition in her home state of New Mexico. Along the way she has worked as a pet sitter, dog training assistant, working with a behavioralist for working and protection dogs, puppy training, and often times a nutrition consultant. Relocating to California In 2017, she has now been living in San Jose for a year with her boyfriend, and their three pets; Newzo (German Rottweiler), Marshall Meowthers (Russian Blue mix) and Paprika (Fine Hair Chilean Tarantula, Grammostola Rosea), and Missy’s nephew, Flex (English Bulldog). Any spare time she gets, she likes to spend with her pets and family, or making soap and gardening.