Nancy, RVT

Nancy Dinh is the Practice Manager for UniPet Clinic’s San Jose office. Nancy’s passion for animals began at a young age, when she developed a special bond with her first pet, a small black chihuahua named Shorty. Since then she has graduated from the California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor of Science degree in [...]

Hannah, RVT

She is currently a Biology major and undergrad student at San Jose State University. She was involved in many clubs and organizations at SJSU such as the Polynesian dance club. She used to have goldfishes and parakeets when she was younger and now has a pet rabbit name Azucar. In her free time, she loves [...]

Katerina, RVT

Katerina is from the North Bay, and graduated from St. Mary’s of California with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. For the past five years, she has been in the restaurant industry as a manager, but she couldn’t resist the pull into the veterinary field; she then left the industry to pursue her passion and love [...]


I graduated from Foothill College with an A.S. in Biology and graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. I am excited to further my education in animal science and eventually apply for veterinary school. In my free time I like to play various sports, play video games, or relax with my dog [...]


Currently enrolled at Foothill Community College, Ricardo had discovered his fascination with animals big & small at a very young age. Formerly a Behavioral Therapists for people in the Autism Spectrum, he wanted to take his love foe helping people and combine it with his fascination with all living life. He owns one cat he [...]


Fatima is currently an undergrad student at Foothill College, majoring in Animal Biology. She is hoping to transfer to UC Davis in the future to persue her childhood dream of becoming Veterinarian. At the moment, she only has 2 cockatiel birds (Pepe and Ava). On her free time she enjoys online shopping, watching new t.v. [...]


Noemi is currently an undergrad student at SJSU, majoring in Biology. She always wanted to work with animals and become a veterinarian as a young kid. She started her first job as a kennel assistant in Aptos, where she was then trained to be a Vet Assistant for about 3 years. She took a 2-year [...]


Kirsten grew up in San Jose, CA and has always loved animals from a young age. Interested in all aspects of life sciences, she went to UC Davis to study biology, exploring her interest in veterinary medicine along the way. She graduated in 2021 with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a minor in Global [...]


Joseph is a recent graduate from SJSU with a major in Biology. From a young age, he has always had a fascination with animals and has always known that working in the veterinary field and helping animals was what he wanted to do. While studying as a student Joseph also tutored biology to fellow students [...]


Rainey recently graduated from Averett University in Virginia with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological and Medical Sciences. She is working on applying to Veterinary school so that she can play a more active role in helping animals in need. She loves to spend time with her pets: Olive (who is in the picture above), Rosie [...]


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